From Roads to Streets Workshop Lyon 2021

7-8 October 2021

All over the world, cities and regions are confronted with the ambiguous heritage of extensive networks of highways and their fragmented urban landscapes. Limited-access expressways still play an important role in moving people and goods within metropolitan areas, but they may not be the most efficient and sustainable way to do the job.

Over twenty European cities and regions are now taking part in the From Roads to Streets or expressway-to-boulevard learning platform, with the support of international experts, through online workshops (including a Helsinki-Barcelona workshop and four joint events), digital seminars (including The Future Design of Streets seminar) and physical meetings.

An international workshop about the future of the Rhône river banks highway in Lyon was held in August 2021 with a joint UrbaLyon-METREX-EUROCITIES-URBACT event with elected officials in October.

This event in October drew experts from across Europe to Lyon, France, for a workshop to explore a range of solutions for Lyon’s M6/M7 Highway Corridor Transformation based on examples from other European cities.

The next joint workshop about Brussels’ highway-to-boulevard and transformation is planned to take place at the end of March 2022.

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