From Roads to Streets Expert Group Digital Meeting #4 2021

19 January - 2021 , Online

10:00-12:30 CET

The fourth meeting of the From Roads to Streets Expert Group is to present and discuss some of the findings of the Case Study-Based Research on Highway-to-Boulevard Transformation.

We will also look at how we can move on from this point together with the three networks in 2021, which may well be another special year…

Three draft research reports have been prepared and will be shared prior to the meeting. These reports are on Oslo, Helsinki and Lyon. A fourth report, on Brussels, will be ready early 2021.

These experiences offer fantastic material for our common reflections.

If you are a METREX Member and would like to attend, please contact Virginie Cioni and Stephen Gallagher know if you wish to take part in this open meeting and if you wish to present any material yourself.
You’ll find the link to the meeting here : link

Case Study-Based Reports
Oslo – Rethinking City Fringe Highways. Hovinbyen/ØStre Aker Vei Projects;
Helsinki – City Boulevards Strategy and Projects;
Lyon – Regaining the Riverfront. M6/M7 Highway Transformation Project;