EURA 2023 Conference 2023

22-24 June 2023 , Reykjavík

The European city: A practice of resilience in the face of an uncertain future

METREX is a member of the EURA network, which promotes innovative research design, exchange of knowledge and knowledge transfer

The EURA 2023 conference aims to encourage critical reflection on the resilience of the European city in the face of an uncertain future. The last decade has increasingly left us with an growing feeling of uneasiness and uncertainty. Cities have in many areas been key players in tackling climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic and the integration of a large influx of refugees. The conference invites scholars to discuss the resilience of the European city from a broad transdisciplinary perspective.

Reykjavík and Iceland are appropriate contexts within which to explore some of these questions. Although rural at heart, Iceland is a highly urbanized country. However, urbanization has happened swiftly, bringing forth problems in relation to the development of the urban fabric, infrastructure and housing, as well environmental challenges. At the same time, Iceland is an established democracy, and the local government level enjoys both a large number of responsibilities as well as a high level of local self-government.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash