Creating Green Cities: European conference on beautiful, sustainable and inclusive cities 2023

14-15 June 2023 , Malmö

This conference is run by the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure, Government Offices of Sweden as part of Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the European Union. More information

Green transition integrating aesthetical, social and cultural values

A swift green transition of European cities and communities is urgently needed. Our living environments are imperative realms for the envisioned change. Strong international goals and initiatives are guiding the European work. On the ground, communities, public authorities, the private sector, financial institutions and universities are collaborating to support the transformation. Important know-how is being developed to increase the speed, reach and impact of change actions.

But are all values integrated, all perspectives considered? There is a unique opportunity to leverage society’s green transition by integrating aesthetical, social, and cultural values. The built environment that will be created, in addition to the places and buildings that already exists, will last for generations, and affect people and the planet through the design, use, and management we apply. What strategies, methods, practices, and visions can inspire all stakeholders to reach even further? How can sustainable, beautiful, and inclusive cities be imagined and created for the future?

About the conference

The Urban Agenda of the EU and European policies and initiatives towards greener cities form the basis of this conference. Links between the green city vision and initiatives such as New European Bauhaus will be explored, stressing the relevance of integrated approaches towards sustainable urban development. The aim is to share knowledge and methods, showcase best practices and discuss ‘next practices’.

The conference programme includes prominent international keynote speakers, cross-thematic panel sessions, speculative future workshops, in-depth site visits and much more. This will be an opportunity to strengthen the European bonds and networks with participants from the public and private sectors, professionals and academics, who together will influence the creation of beautiful, sustainable and inclusive cities for the future.

On-site participation is by invitation only. Online participation is open to the public for free.