Climate. Cities. Communities. Strategies for a liveable future 2019

25-27 September 2019 , Rostock

The tide is changing. Increasing numbers of local, regional and even national governments worldwide are now declaring the climate as a priority. For many municipalities and regions, some of the most pressing questions revolve around how best to act on this all-encompassing issue when only parts of its root causes are under municipal control.

Climate. Cities. Communities. explores the role of municipalities in climate action. Join us from 25 to 27 September in the Baltic Sea City of Rostock as we take a look at local strategies with the power to foster a good future for all.

Interactive sessions, workshops and thematic tours will provide ample space for exchange and inspiration. Members will also get the chance to shape our vibrant network at the Climate Alliance General Assembly. Join us as we delve into hard hitting topics such as adaptation and the mobility transition and get ideas on citizen engagement and fruitful global partnerships.

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Image of Rostock by Frank Hamm via Flickr