100% mobility – 0% emission: The Multimodal road towards zero-emission transport in the Eurodelta 2022

13 October - 2022 , Brussels

The SURE network, Benelux General Secretariat and Deltametropolis organisation organise a live meeting on Thursday 13 October 2022, from 13:30-17:30 CEST at the Benelux House in Brussels.

The Netherlands, North Rhine-Westphalia, Belgium and Northwest France together form the mega-metropolis Eurodelta. In this metropolis, 50 million people can be reached within 3.5 hours. Clean and fast connections between cities can be the strength of this area.

On the initiative of the province of Zuid-Holland and nine other local and regional authorities from the Eurodelta, the European research programme ESPON conducted research into possibilities for cleaner and faster transport in the area, focusing on passenger and urban transport. This issue has become more important now because of current trends like oil scarcity and staff shortage at airports.

Striking Conclusions:

  • The demand for transport will continue to increase considerably until 2050. Partly because of this, expected technological developments and existing policies are far from achieving European sustainability goals in the field of mobility.
  • The possible impact of the measures investigated on CO2 emission appears to be so huge, that they make European sustainability goals in the field of mobility achievable in this urban megaregion.
  • Train connections between cities can become more frequent if parties on both sides and on the line commit to the work. Measures such as zero emission zones and MaaS will become easier to develop and use if cities operate similar systems.
  • The study produced a “roadmap” for implementation for each of the measures. (Supra)national, land/regional authorities are assigned an important role in this. They were informed during the investigation and involved where possible.

More information

This video provides information about the design of the study. The research results and recommendations can be found here.

The road to take

The SURE network explores which role all the stakeholders can take in the implementation. The annual European Week of Regions and Cities provides a great opportunity for stakeholders from the four countries at different scale levels to share thoughts about the research and the implementation of recommendations.

Join us

Please join us at the live meeting on Thursday October 13 2022 from 13:30-17:30 at the Benelux House in Brussels. Key figures from stakeholders from the four countries, EGTC Rhine-Alpine, DG MOVE and European Parliament will act as speaker and/or panel member.

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Photo by Vyacheslav Koval on Unsplash