Hamburg Climate Conference Presentations:

The Climate Change Challenge
World Future Council
Presentation of Mr. Connolly
Hamburg Declaration
Dr. Sebastian Carney
Through GRIP to Mitigation Policy
Security in 21. Century
Hamburg Initiative for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology

Case Studies:

Climate Strategy for Helsinki Metropolitan Area
Climate change in Oslo and Akershus
Greater Lyon’s Climate Plan
The climate change challenge in the Stockholm region
Research Project "Energy Region Factor 10" - Nuremberg
Climate Change, City Change - Rotterdam
Energy and Energy Technology - Aarhus
METREX Member Case Studies –Rhein-Neckar
Amsterdam on Air
Climate policy in Amsterdam
Ile de France Region
Experiences in the city of Dortmund
Climate Protection in the City of Norderstedt
The Hamburg strategy to combat climate change
Regional Approaches in the Stuttgart Region
The Role of the Metropolitan Regions in the Current Debate