Metropolitan Dimension

METREX has long advocated a wider recognition of a Metropolitan Dimension to European affairs. A draft Position Statement has been produced by the Secretariat for the consideration of the Managing Committee.

During 2011 colleagues in Eurocities developed a background paper on "Cities cooperating beyond their boundaries - evidence through experience in European cities". METREX contributed to the preparatory work. The outcome is summarised in the Eurocities report "Beyond boundaries - Functional Urban Areas matter." On the initiative of the City of Amsterdam a joint METREX/Eurocities/URMA event was held in June 2012 to explore the possibilities for future cooperation on the issues arising.

Foremost amongst these is the question of the "Metropolitan Dimension - EU partnership and cooperation with Europe's Metropolitan Areas to realise the objectives of Europe 2020 through the Structural Funds 2013-2020. It is hope to be able to produce a joint promotional statement that will be helpful to both Networks.

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