ET 2050 - Territorial Visions and Scenarios for Europe

ESPON has initiated a project to produce a Territorial Vision for Europe (ET 2050). It will run until June 2014.

METREX addressed the need for a European Territorial Vision through the PolyMETREXplus Project, under Interreg IIIC. The project involved 19 partners and 10 contributors and concluded in 2007. The outcome was the Framework for Polycentricity and Better European Territorial Balance. METREX produced a summary of the strategic outcomes of the project in the booklet "This is not a Plan" - Giving Spatial Expression to the Concept of Territorial Cohesion.

The Network is, therefore, well placed to participate fully in the new ESPON project, over the period 2012 to 2014, to produce a European Territorial Vision.

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